Monday, March 5, 2012

Ropin' with Daddy

Sunday was a beautiful day! So we went up to our neighbor's arena and watched Ty and a bunch of friends rope. The kids played on the horses and watched. Braden really wanted to rope and chase the steers so towards the end Ty and Braden got into the box and chased several steers down while Braden was twirling the little rope LOL the stinkin cutest thing EVER! He thought that was pretty cool. And my daughter LOVES horses. She sat on Ty Young's horse forever it seemed like and whenever we asked her if she wanted to get down, she would grab ahold of the saddle horn and say no get down :) too cute. And Bella does too of course and wanted to spend the whole time on the horses. I can't wait for warmer weather so we can do that more with the kids!!!!

Bella's Dance Performance

This beautiful little girl is my niece Izabella. She is Deric's little girl. She is 3 months older than Braden and has been staying with us since January. We are helping out for a little while and since she is here we put her in dance class. She absolutely LOVES it. She is a chatter box bouncing off the walls at class and talks about nothing else pretty much. This was her first performance ever, at the Women's Basketball game at the BDAC on Friday. My brother and her mom, Ashley, made the trip up from St. George to watch her as well as my Mom and Dean and Jaxson came down from Salt Lake. She did so good and was really comfortable in front of all the people. The funny part is that the blond girl behind her didn't do one step of the choreography but danced around shakin her stuff to her own dance LMAO my videotaping is quite shaky from me laughing. Anyway, GO BELLA!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Growin Kids

These are just some fun pictures we took today. I wanted some pictures of Kota at 18 months (but can't afford professional right now). So I dressed her up and we went in the hay field behind our house and had fun. Braden was a big help making her smile and playful. They are by no means professional pictures, but super cute (I think). I might try for a few good ones of Braden in the hay field in his cowboy stuff. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Season

This weekend was awesome and so needed. Saturday morning we went to Helper and had breakfast with Santa. Kota obviously wasn't diggin it but Braden has always loved Santa. They both got a bag full of candy and Braden almost finished his by the time we got home LOL Then we made sugar cookies with cutouts and decorated them with colored frosting. They were both big helpers, although Kota took a fall off the bar stool :( But with a few loves and kisses she was good to go. Then me and the kids decorated the house and put the Christmas tree, all while listening to Christmas favorite thing to do this time of year. Next we had a quick dinner and went to the light parade. It was FREEZING cold but so fun. The kids loved all the floats and got tonz more candy. When it was over we had parked in the perfect spot so we turned on the heater, a radio station playing christmas music and enjoyed the fireworks. When we got home we watched The Santa Clause 2, also one of my favorites.

I always used to love the holidays when I was little, especially while my little brother and sister believed in Santa. But making traditions and having fun during the holidays with my own kiddos is so special and I am loving every minute of it. Saturday we didn't turn the TV on once, until that night with the movie of course. We had so much fun making a mess with cookies, wrestling, running, dancing, decorating, and freezing out butts off. Sunday we spent the whole day together too and such a great weekend for Mom :) Not that I didn't appreciate my kids before, but working more has definitely taken my want and appreciation for spending time with my kids to whole new level. I look forward to my time with them and soak them up during our lazy days. So far the Christmas season is awesome at our house!!! Merry Christmas everyone....hope you're having fun too.